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"All Russia Family Tree" is a research project. We are specialists in genealogy, researching russian roots and russian armory. Call us +7 495 457-85-32.

Сделайте сайт ВГД своей стартовой страницей и весь мир генеалогии будет у вас на расстоянии одного клика.
На этой странице вы можете узнать историю развития проекта ВГД, узнать о проделанной работе, откликах в прессе и т.д.
Генеалогические исследования и оформление их результатов. В том числе изготовление дворянских гербов и панно с генеалогическим древом. Консультации и подготовка материалов для книг и статей.
Структурированная информация по фамилиям, событиям, географическому положению. Контакты генеалогов и волонтеров. Статьи по генеалогии.
На форуме идет живое общение и обсуждение многих тем: поиск предков, родственников и однофамильцев, работа в архивах, теория и практика генеалогии, географический аспект, сословия, войны и военные. Затрагиваются, вопросы топонимики, ономастики, происхождения фамилий, имен. Обсуждаются книги, источники информации и т.д...
Свяжитесь с нами если хотите заказать генеалогические исследования или если у вас есть какие-то предложения или вопросы по работе сайта. Мы стараемся отвечать на все вопросы, но все же посмотрите, нет ли ответа на ваш вопрос в "Советах начинающим" или на форуме.
"All Russia Family Tree" is a research project. We are specialists in genealogy, researching russian roots and russian armory.


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Surname List

Just now the site is being transformed into a database. It makes the problem of surnames list more easy and more complicated at the same time. English surnames list is prezent in the Russian database directly, and you can get to the page with your surname easily, but the surnames are groupped by the first two letters.
Here are the letters of Russian alphabet from which surnames begin (letters, that can be situated only in the middle of the words, are not present here)  with an aprroximate way they are pronounced. There are links from each letter to the corresponding Russian page.


Having got there, you see only a part of the surnames beginnig from the letter you selected, to see all the other surnames you are to click one two-letter compozition after another. If it is too difficult, you can look through the old surnames list (if you are in a frame, links there are at the left column, if you are not in the frame, you can get there - www.vgd.ru/ENGLISH/fraim.htm).

You can post your search message on the messageboard. I understand that it is difficult for a person who don't know Russian (there is a Russian interface there), but you can try.
Not long ago it changed address, we are going to make English interface there, but now it's in Russian.

On the left under the red word Ghost there are four words in a line, you can push the first or the second - Новая тема
You get to a form:
In the upper line you are to write your name, or the word Guest. Write nothing on the second line. 
On the third and fifth line you must write a header of you message.
Write nothing on the fourth line.
And write you message in the biggest square. 
The message will be posted when you'll push the grey square at the lowest dark green line
Don't forget to write your contact information, so that people could answer you somehow. Or you can remember the address of your message (when it appears) and vizit it to look if somebody answered.
If you wont'manage, we can post your message on this page or on the messageboard. It's free. Write Stas at mr.ghost@mail.ru and he'll post it, maybe not immediately.

If you have somebody who can read Russian you can post your infromation in the main database, then you have to register there. You can write not in Russian, if you want, but to register and understand how it works there you have to know Russian.
Later we are going to make English interface there too, but we can't tell when...

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